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Gut Logic

Your personalized guide

to understanding FODMAP foods

and managing your food sensitivities.

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Personalized Analysis

Customized insights into your individual sensitivities and the foods that trigger them.

Barcode Scanning

Effortlessly scan the barcode of any food item to see if it's ingredients are low or high FODMAP.

FODMAP Content

Hundreds of FODMAP ingredients and 600,000+ packaged foods give you the most comprehensive FODMAP database available.

Clear FODMAP Guidance

Gut Logic provides clear guidance on which foods are high and low FODMAP. Take the guesswork out of selecting the right foods.

  • Simple, easy to understand indicators

  • Explore details of each food's FODMAP irritants

  • Scan barcodes to quickly look up foods

  • Updated with the latest research


Personalized Indicators

Everyone's gut is different. With Gut Logic you can keep track of the foods that are okay for you and the ones that aren't.

  • Personalize your food indicators

  • Fine-tune food restrictions

  • Never have to wonder


In-depth Analysis

Make sense of your data with the unique features in Gut Logic Premium. Identify categories of foods that are causing you problems and trends in your symptoms.

  • Identify the irritants that trigger your symptoms

  • List foods with similar sets of irritants

  • Find troubling ingredients hiding in your foods

  • Observe symptom trends over time


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