Privacy Policy


At Gut Logic, we work hard to develop a product that will help you feel better through the food you eat (or don't eat). To do that, we sometimes need some information from you, which helps us create a better product, specifically tailored to you and your needs. We promise we don't ask for more information than we need, and for the information we do ask for, we aim to be transparent in how we use and share that information. As a Gut Logic user, your data is yours and we think we've made it flexible enough for you to manage as you see fit. If you ever have any questions or concerns with how your data is being used, you can always contact us at from your registered Gut Logic email address, and we'll be sure to respond as soon as we can.

Usage of Information

Gut Logic Data Collection Overview

EmailDuring account registrationSo we can contact you with important updates, tips, and news. Don't worry, you have the option to opt-out of what you don't want.
AgeDuring account registration and profile creationAge is one of the many components fed into Gut Logic's ML algorithm. In addition, privacy laws ask us to collect your age to better protect your privacy.
NameDuring profile creationBecause we don't want to call everyone John or Jane (Doe). Unless your name is John or Jane. Which is fine. It's a good name. We happen to know many Johns and Janes. They're all good people. Well, most are good people. Except for that one John we know. He is great.
Diary and Pantry DataDuring use of the appThe goal of Gut Logic is simply to help you feel better. We believe food is an important aspect of one's overall ability to do so and we've developed a Machine Learning algorithm that we think will help you achieve the balance you're looking for. During diary collection, you'll be asked for things such as, what you ate, when you ate, and how you feel throughout the day. As Gut Logic continues to improve, the inquiries may change, but regardless, this information will always be stored deidentified. We think it's the right way to handle your data and we hope you agree.

How Gut Logic Shares Your Data

At this time, Gut Logic does not share your data with anyone (other than our lovely servers). At some point in time, we'll ask you if it's okay to share your data with some of our future trusted partners, which will be presented to you clearly and request your opt-in.

Management of Data

Requesting a Copy Of Your Personal Data

If you ever want to see your personal data that's stored in our system, please make a request to from your Gut Logic registered email address. Please note that while we will make every attempt to provide you with your personal data in a timely manner, we can only guarantee the fulfillment of your request twice within a rolling year period.

Deletion of Your Account

Managing your health isn't easy and our aim is to help make it more seamless. With that said, if you are not finding value in our services, we'd love to hear from you before you decide to delete your account. We thrive on constructive criticism. You can contact us at from your registered Gut Logic email address with your concerns/comments/wants/desires/favorite color, and we'll have someone from our team get in touch.

If you'd like to skip all of that or we weren't able to address your concerns via the above method, we wholly believe your personal data belongs to you, so feel free to make a request to from your registered Gut Logic email address, and we'll get your account deletion taken care of for you. Please note that once your request has been fulfilled, your personal data will be gone for good, and there will be no recovery options available to you. We will notify you once your Gut Logic account has been successfully deleted.